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On Tuesday June, 12 Denali Water Solutions withdrew their TCEQ permit application #WQ0005197000

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On March 22, 2016 Denali Water Solutions submitted a permit application for "Beneficial Land Use of Sewage Sludge" to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The adminsitrative review was completed on May 06 and the Public Notice was finally posted and mailed to adjacent landowners on May 19.

This permit would allow the spreading of sewage sludge from Austin's Hornsby Bend Biosolids Plant, consisting of Class B biosolids and Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) sludge, on just over 2000 acres in Cedar Creek. Tons of sludge per acre per year would be applied to the surface. On about 550 acres the sludge will be tilled into the ground. Almost the entire site is located over the Wilcox Aquifer outcrop where rainwater enters the aquifer (see right). Much of the remainder of the application area is in the Cedar Creek floodplain and of course there are minor tributaires throughout the site that may flood in heavy rain.

Rep. John Cyrier and Sen. Kirk Watson have asked TCEQ to hold a meeting for citizens to discuss the permit with TCEQ and Denali Water Solutions.


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